A Sense of Someplace

Since 2017, I have been building a body of work using this method I developed for the residency described below.  They can be found at www.asenseofsomeplace.org. The background to the work’s origins, why and how I wanted to work with existing 35mm slides is below


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A Sense of Someplace is a publication of photomontages created during artist and photographer Lindsay Perth’s residency with NHS Forth Valley from 2011 until 2013.  These montages are the results of a collaboration between the artist and clients of Clackmannanshire Community Healthcare Centre’s Mental Health Resource in Sauchie and members of mental health support organisation Reach Out With Arts in Mind, in Alloa.





Collaborative, creative discussions with a group of mental health service users began in 2012. The outcome was a series of photomontages created by using found and anonymous 35mm slides, physically taking them apart and putting pairs together in a slide mount to view what narrative revealed itself.  The images produced are an impressive body of photographic work that is evocative, nostalgic and powerful.  We wanted to realise the work beyond our small group and see it in people’s hands. The result was the publication, ‘A Sense of Someplace’.






The publication:




Print shop now at www.asenseofsomeplace.org