DK City

DK City was a 3D online dystopian city designed in collaboratively with a group of young people from Glasgow.

Using VRML (Virtual Reality Modulated Language) a version of Glasgow as experienced by the young people was developed and designed offline through discussions and sketch work. The group slowly started to learn a technology that at the time was only being used by the commercial industries for selling cars. I wanted to takeover the tech, use it build a different more socially authentic narrative, to tell different stories. The software, Panorama, became obsolete a year later, taken over by other 3D programmes).

DK City was a collaborative experience. We collectively designed the logo, decided on the city’s layout, narratives and what users would experience.

No longer available online these images document what DK City was all about.

A Year of the Artist 2000 Residency, Street Level Gallery, Glasgow.