A celebration and exploration of women in Glasgow, past and present, GIRL is an Ankur Productions project, which used sound, text, film, music, movement and testimonies to explore, within a Scottish context, the rules we learnt from our mothers (and other female relatives) which inform our contemporary sense of womanhood.

Over several months, collaborative workshops took place between the artists and a group of women from the local community. The output from these workshops became an interdisciplinary performance of word, text, singing and video.  As Visual Artist I created two silent films that accompanied these performances. One monitor showed the recorded gestures the performers recalled their mothers doing, often ones they did themselves. A second monitor showed objects linking the performers to their mother and close-ups of skin and hair, aiming to create a kind of intimacy with the recording camera.


Lead Artist/Writer – Adura Onashile
Sound Artist – Kim Moore
Choral Artist – Claire Docherty
Visual Artist – Lindsay Perth