Remix Series – ‘It’s a Boy / Girl Thing’

The Remix Series uses moving image footage from Scottish films that emulate Scottish identity and mix their narrative with material from other countries that have experienced colonisation such as Somalia, Ivory Coast and Sudan. The series came from conversations with refugees and asylum seekers while in residence with Multistory.

‘It’s a Boy / Girl Thing’

The Remix ‘It’s a Boy / Girl Thing’ is a simple story of a quarrel between lovers. The man’s footage is from a contemporary Ivory Coast TV soap opera and the woman’s is from Powell and Pressburger’s classic film ‘I Know Where I’m Going’. The juxtaposition of these two vastly different origins in time and culture as well as film vernacular, is somehow made superfluous to the universal struggles of communication and relationships.

Multi-story is based in the Red Road housing estate, Glasgow. Part of Street Level Photoworks collaborative art programme, it was established for residents to take part in creative activity alongside artists. Using traditional and contemporary art Multi-story explores current issues of regeneration, cultural identity and new communities as well as residents wider concerns.