Polwarth area

FRIDAY JUNE 28: Skip with Darri / Tam
HANDOVER: Skipper handover in morn around 10am
Saturday June 29
Sunday June 30
Monday July 01
Tuesday July 02
Wednesday July 03
Thursday July 04 – Skipper goes to Jacky/Peter in Porty, see >


HANDOVER: Skipper handover T+D to coordinate with J 

Friday July 05
Saturday July 06
Sunday July 07
Monday July 08
Tuesday July 09
Wednesday July 10 – Skipper goes to Kate (*Kate working 2pm-6.30pm) .. See handover >

Causewayside (near Summerhall)

HANDOVER: Can Kate pick up Skipper? Can Jacky drop Skipper off to Kate? Kate can you organise Becky having Skipper til you finish work, Becky is primed. LP will email Kate/Becky about this.

Thursday July 11
Friday July 12
Saturday July 13
Sunday July 14
Monday July 15 – Kate, we’re home Monday about 2pm, I know you work that Monday from 9am. Plan a) One of Summerhall crew have Skipper that morn and we can pick her up on way home from airport OR will see if Skipper can be with Jacky Sunday night? TBC!

If taxis makes handover easier PLEASE do use them. I will reimburse! Love an easy life 🙂
Also please note Tam/Darri, Jacky, Lindsay are in a WhatsApp group to coordinate. Kate is by email:
Stand by support is Abby in Porty, Becky (from July 5th) in Marchmont and there are others if needed.


PLEASE: never leave Skipper tied up outside a shop. It’s a risk we don’t take, dog theft is real and Skipper is waaay too friendly to humans. We also choose never to leave her in the car.

OTHER DOGS: After Rizzo we have pretty sharp spidey senses about others dogs. Skipper is also rather wary of them. But if in Porty she’ll likely see of her mates, it will be obvious. She generally doesn’t like other dogs sniffing her butt. Me neither.

LEAD / RECALL: Outside walks always have harness on with lead from harness. On the street Skipper should be on the lead, she can run across road esp if she sees someone she knows. Walking, she shouldn’t pull, if she does stop and say ‘heel’ until she returns to your side .. she will eventually. She’s pretty good this way. When in the park and defo away from streets she can go off lead, and if a new park or you’re new to Skipper bring the Chuck It (orange wanger thing) and keep it ball related. She often likes it if you sit down and use Chuck It for ball in other directions, she’ll bring it back to you.

What she travels with, please repack for next person so life is easy

– wee carseat pad and dog belt which straps to her harness. She can sit in back or front.
– toys, balls, chuck it wanger thing, the stuffed rooster weird duck thing is her fav .. For park but also she’s pretty happy if you throw a ball a few times and in the house, hide it, throw it etc easily pleased generally.
– bed ..sorry bit big
– green blanket. We put this on the sofa as thats where she sometimes sleeps … or we take if to a friends and call it ‘bed’ etc so it focuses her. In the pub we use our coats and tell her to lay down.
– treats .. break them in half, these are great to reinforce you’re boss. Skip should behave well for them .. ‘sit’ .. ‘paw’ .. it you say ‘turn’ she’ll do that, and there is ‘kiss’ which is a face lick if you like that sort of thing and point to floor ‘lay down’ she should lay down, these are all treat worthy. Currently if she does ‘rollover’ there is lots of cheer, treat and love given as that took her a while 🙂
–  bowls


_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


Each Skipper Pack has a bag of food that has 7 days worth of food and a pink cup to measure. Skipper gets one in morning and one between 5pm – 6pm. Lately we’ve been putting a dollop of natural greek yogurt in her food if her poo gets a little too loose for our liking! This can happen if she eats crap on beach or in park.

Don’t worry if she leaves her brekkie or even goes off food a a day or so. She’ll right herself in a day. If you are worried, put a wee bit of plain unsalted rice in her bowl see if that perks her up.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Pee / poo

Top tip! Never go out with just one poo bag! We have plenty in her care pack, if you need more please buy and keep receipt.

If she is really desperate for one she will put herself in your line of sight and just follow you relentlessly staring. She might do a high pitched whine. Thats the pleeeease I need a pee/poo warning shot.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


She is fairly flexi accordingly your own energy and schedule. Harness / lead on for street walks. can come off lead on beach and parks not too near streets. Harness on as its good to lift her off  in case eating crap  or rolling in some awful thing.

Times are generally 9amish /12:30ish / around 6pm for about 15/min with ball throwing – take chuck it, she loves a ball throw and bring back.

Quick outside last pee about 9:30 – 10:30pm.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Being left alone

 As long as Skipper has had a run and pee/poo she can be left alone for up to 3 hours, we rarely push it past that. We try not to make too much fuss when we return so it’s normal for her .. I’m over egging this now I know but I just want an easy life for you all!

I think also if you wanted to she can hang at ours. She sits at the window or on the bed and sleeps or watches life quite happily. Best not leave her alone on balcony with out you around, she has been know to go onto large box or chase the cat that keeps pissing on our flowers.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Going other places

Car: Skipper travels well in the car front seat or back seat. She is clipped in with her dog belt and has a wee pad blanket.

Bus: Skipper can travel on the bus but less happy. If you are able she will jump up on yr knee. She does’t like other dogs on the bus, keep them away or she might go for them. It’s because she’s feeling little caged in I think.

Pub: Good with pub, I often use my coat or take a blanket to centralise her, ‘on your bed’ kind of thing. Again, lately she seems less happy to see other dogs so much in enclosed spaces. Keep an eye on her and be ready to grab that harness. She’ll happily sit next to you though and munch the odd wee crisp.

Office: Fine, if on her own. Give her a blanket to lay on say ‘On our bed, settle’ a few times and she will. She may wary of other dogs, not sure as it’s a new place, so keep on eye on Skipper. But generally she is good anywhere. Bring a few toys to work.

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _


175 Portobello High St, Edinburgh, EH15 1EU Contact Details

Phone: 0131 669 3790
Monday – Friday
9:00 AM – 6:30 PM

Skipper is chipped. Vet is: